The main concern in our company is the quality of our products and hygiene in its preparation.

So we control the manufacture of casings from the same slaughterhouse where this factor is obtained until the end of its transformation, the process is quite traditional and subjected to stringent hygiene controls.
Natural Casings in Girona - Emportrip SA
Natural casings
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Natural Casings in Girona - Emportrip SA
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Natural Casings
Joseph Maspoch Alabau begins to natural casings in 1968 as an apprentice in the world of sewn garments, became independent in 1980, builds the facilities present in the heart of the Baix Emporda and founded his own company, today Emportrip SA

Our specialty items are sewn and also we can supply all kinds of natural gut, pork, lamb, horse or cattle, we import specialist producers in each of them.

The great advantage of the stitched piece is that we can achieve the caliber necessary measures 55cm. or 110 cm. (standard) and other measures, can be two layers of beef, two layers of pork or one layer of pork and one layers of beef.

Daily collect fresh belly pork and the thick slices to select customized demand of our customers.

We import and tube casings of pork, lamb and veal.

Sew rolled pork belly and cut and sew "artificial gut".

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Protect your food, ask for your natural sausage casings.